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Jurisdiccional Affairs


The Deputy Superintendence for Jurisdictional Affairs is responsible for handling legal proceedings established by citizens (related to disputes between two parties) on the following issues: 

•    The protection of consumers 
•    Unfair competition practices 
•    Infringement of industrial property rights.

In those cases, The SIC acts as a judge of Colombia and the decisions taken in this context can only be revised by the Superior Court in Bogotá. The Superintendent of Industry and Commerce doesn´t participate in any part of the cases or its ruling.

Deputy Superintendent for Jurisdiccional Affairs

Carolina Estrella Bolaños   

Lawyer from the Externado University of Colombia with a Master degree in Public Law from the same University. She has served as advisor to the Policy and Strategy Directorate of the National Legal Defense Agency of the State. She serve as Auxiliar Magistrate in one of the highest courts of Colombia. She has been appointed as Deputy Superintendent for Jurisidiccional Affairs in 2018. 




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