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Industrial Property

The Deputy Superintendence for Industrial Property is in charge to act as IP Office of Colombia. 

- Decide the applications for trademarks and slogans registration.
- Decide the applications for the deposit of names and trade names.
- Declare or recognize the geographical indications.
- Process applications for patents.
- Decide on utility model patents.
- Decide the applications for Industrial designs.
- Decide to register layout designs of integrated circuits.

In the same way, the Deputy has a function of promoting the protection of the innovation and knowledge transfer, which is carried out by developing orientation and dissemination activities for Industrial Property.

Legal Framework

Decision 486 stipulates joint rules for the assignment, application and compliance of a wide range of intellectual property rights in the four Member States. It entered into force on December 1, 2000, replacing the regulations contained in Decision 344 of the Andean Community, which dates from 1993.

Decision 486 is specifically designed to make the industrial property systems of the four countries compatible with the agreement of the World Trade Organization on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property.

This regime mainly regulates the rights related to inventions and other technical solutions, distinctive signs, industrial designs and acts of unfair competition related to industrial property, including protection against the abuse of business secrets. Decision 486, with regard to distinctive signs, incorporates the treatment of trademarks, trade names, trade slogans and designations of origin

Deputy Superintendent For Industrial Property

María José Lamus Becerra 

Lawyer with specializations in Commercial and Financial Law of the Sergio Arboleda University and Industrial Property,  and Copyright and New Technologies of Externado University of Colombia. Her professional experience has been developed in private practice and since 1996  in the Direction of Trademarks of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.   Subsequently, she worked for 8 years as an associate lawyer in the firm Castillo Grau & Associates. In January 2011, she assumed functions as the Director of Trademark. She has been appointed as Deputy Superintendent for Industrial Property in 2019. 


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