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Consumer Protection

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce is responsible for ensuring consumer's rights. The Deputy Superintendence for Consumer Protection is responsible for inspecting, monitoring and controlling market agents so that the rights and interests of consumers are not violated when commercial exchange has been made. Thereby, consumers have the right to receive truthful information and advertising that do not mislead them and to receive quality products that do not harm their life, health or integrity.

Legal framework 

Law 1480 of 2011 is the legal framework for consumer protection in Colombia. This law aims to protect, promote and guarantee the effectiveness and free exercise of consumer rights, as well as protect their dignity and economic interest, especially with regard to:
•    The protection of consumers from hazards to their health and safety.
•    Access to consumers of adequate information.
•    Consumer education.
•    Freedom to form consumer organizations and the opportunity for those consumer organizations making their opinions heard in decision-making processes that affect them
•    The special protection to children and adolescents as consumers.
The SIC also provide enforcement actions in the following aspects:
•    Product Safety: The SIC is the national authority for product safety, which implies that it exercises constant market surveillance to identify products that under normal conditions of use may cause harm to people. Thereby, this Entity monitors the security campaigns initiated by private business when they show that an imported product, manufactured or marketed by them, can put at risk the health, life or integrity of people.
•    Protection of Users of communications services: The SIC carries out the following actions for the protection of users of communications services: Disclosure, promotion and training of consumers in communications services, protect the rights of users, ensuring the quality, efficiency and adequate provision of services and also enforce, after investigation, in accordance with the applicable procedure, sanctions for violation of the laws on consumer protection and the protection regime for users of communications services
•    Consumer Protection: The SIC carried out actions to ensure the enforcement of the set of rules that regulate the consumer relationships that arise in the chain of commercialization of goods and services between producers, suppliers and salers.

Economic sectors in which the SIC has no legal empowerment regarding the enforcement of Consumer Protection laws and regulations. 

Taking as a fundamental basis the provision embodied in Article 1.22 of the Decree 4886 of 2011, which defines the SIC’s competences regarding inspection, surveillance, and control.

The SIC enjoys a residual competence, hence to define the economic sectors where the SIC has no legal empowerment:

Economic sector

Authority legally empowered to exercise functions of inspection, surveillance, and control

Health services (General System of Social Security in Health, Mandatory Insurance for Transit Accidents, Fund of Solidarity and Guarantee, Entities Promoters of Health, Institutions lenders of services of Health, Employers and territorial Entities).

Superintendence of National Health

Provision of domiciliary public services (water supply, waste management, electricity and gas).

Superintendence of Domestic Public Services

Supply of public transportation and air travel services.

Superintendence of Transportation and the Civil Aviation

Risk management associated with the consumption and use of food, drugs, medical devices and other products subject to health surveillance.

National Institute of Surveillance of Medicines and Food

Supply of financial services such as banking, stock market, insurance and any other activity related to the management or investment of resources received from the public.

Superintendence of Finance




 Deputy Superintendent for Consumer Protection  


Mrs. Maria Carolina Corcione

Lawyer from the “Universidad Externado de Colombia” with master's degrees in Private Law from the “Universitá degli Studi di Roma- Tor Vergata”, with more than ten years of experience dedicated mainly to consumer protection. Mrs. Corcione has been Director of Consumer Protection Research (2014-2017) and has led the entry of Colombia to the Consumer Policy Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development – OCDE. In the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, she also held the position of private secretary of the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce and legal advisor of the Office of the Deputy Superintendent for Consumer Protection (2019-2021).


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