ICPEN Presidency Colombia - General information





The city has a temperature that ranges between 9°C and 22°C. Dry and rainy seasons alternate constantly, so it is recommended to wear warm clothes, carry umbrellas and bring some fresh clothing options just in case the temperature increases.<
Remember that Bogota’s weather is ideal for wearing coats and jackets


Colombia's official language is Spanish. However, during the event there will be conferences in both Spanish and English, which will have simultaneous translation. We will provide translation services Spanish-English, English-Spanish.

Local time

Eastern Standard Time (GMT - 5)


The official currency of Colombia is the Colombian Peso (COP). Approximate exchange rate :

  • $1 USD = $3.288 COP
  • $1 EUR = $3.654 COP

< Date: 14/01/2020

Major credit cards are accepted in most hotels and restaurants in the city.
If you change your currency to Colombian pesos, it is recommended to visit official money exchange houses.

Tips and Taxes

Most of Colombian products and services are taxed with an additional 19% of the total, corresponding to the Value Added Tax (I.V.A, for its acronym in Spanish). Tips are not mandatory in Colombia. However, restaurants suggest leaving a 10% tip that can be included in your final bill.

Electrical Connections

In Colombia, the common voltage is 110V. The Frequency is 60 Hz. The plugs and sockets are type A / B. Here are some examples: