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SIC gets to the shopping centres with its "Supernavidad" campaign

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (hereafter, SIC) in its role as national consumer protection authority, through the National Consumer Protection Network (RNPC, by its Spanish Acronym), launched the second edition of "SUPERNAVIDAD". This campaign seeks to protect consumers by informing them about their rights and duties, with a face-to-face accompaniment that will operate in 185 shopping centres in the country.

The campaign seeks to meet the needs of consumers, who during the run of 2019 have filed 11,490 complaints for possible violations of consumer protection regime, while they have filed 43,835 claims for violation of their rights, equivalent to an average of 146 claims a day.

To address this situation, the SIC will mobilize 220 facilitators from the RNPC who will be in 23 cities until December 15, to accompany Colombians during the largest shopping season of the year. The SIC will also use its digital channels, especially its portal  to provide more detailed information to consumers in all corners of the country.