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The SIC represented Colombia at the 01-al-2017 process hearing (ACAVA LIMITED against the Republic of Colombia)

The Deputy Superintendent for Industrial Property, Ms. Mónica Ramírez Hinestroza, along with the Head of the Legal Advisor Office, Ms. Jazmin Rocío Soacha, represented Colombia at the 01- AI-2017 Process Hearing (ACAVA LIMITED against the Republic of Colombia) convened by the Andean Community Court of Justice on September 20, 2018.

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) of Colombia was convened to assist to this hearing as representative of the Republic of Colombia in the action filed by the association ACAVA LIMITED alleging non-compliance from the Republic of Colombia of some statements of CAN’s Decision 486. The Superintendence represented Colombia in this hearing as national competent authority on industrial property.

During the hearing, on the one hand, Ms. Soacha presented the best defence arguments in support of the Republic of Colombia based on her knowledge of the 01- AI-2017 Process, and Ms. Ramírez presented the record and different stages of the case to back the defence of Colombia.