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Superintendence of industry and commerce denies merger between Bavaria and Coca-cola

15 Junio, 2021

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) of Colombia has denied a merger proposal between BAVARIA, INDUSTRIA NACIONAL DE GASEOSAS, EMBOTELLADORA DE LA SABANA, COMPAÑÍA DE TRANSPORTE DE BEBIDAS and COCA-COLA BEBIDAS DE COLOMBIA, after evaluating the objections presented by the competitors of the aforementioned companies and carrying out an exhaustive investigation.

The merger operation presented by the companies aimed at the "creation of a strategic alliance in Colombia for the distribution and sale of their respective products, as well as in the activities of purchase of goods, services, raw materials and supplies". However, the objections of the competitors, added to the information collected by the SIC in its in-depth investigation, determined many dangers for free economic competition in this economic sector, if said operation were to be approved.

The parties involved expressed their disagreement with the decision of the Superintendence, but decided not to file any appeal of the decision, for which the administrative process is terminated.