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SIC will investigate zoom to establish if has adequately protect colombian personal data

2 Junio, 2020

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), in its role as national authority on personal data, initiated an ex officio investigation with the purpose of establishing whether or not ZOOM VIDEO COMMUNICATIONS INC., complies with Colombian regulations regarding the principles of security, access and restricted circulation.

Additionally, the Entity seeks to establish if said company has implemented the principle of proven responsibility in the processing of citizens data who use its services.

The Authority also found that the Zoom platform services, which include remote conferencing, online meetings, chat and mobile collaboration, had an abrupt growth in the last quarter, from 10 million users at the end of 2019, to more than 200 million today according to Forbes Magazine.

Parallel to this exponential growth, the Authority found that questions have arisen about security and privacy aspects of the technology platform offered by Zoom, such as those recently presented by Harvard University professor and digital security expert Bruce Schneier, who said that "Zoom's problems fall into three broad categories: (1) bad privacy practices, (2) bad security practices, and (3) bad user settings.