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The SIC signs cooperation agreement with the Inter-american Association of Industrial Property

1 Septiembre, 2020

The actions taken jointly as a result of this agreement are aimed at fulfilling the tasks of the SIC Office for Industrial Property. In this regard, the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Andrés Barreto González, highlighted the importance of this agreement, “these cooperation instruments allow us to adopt the necessary measures to promote the use, consultation and disclosure of the Industrial Property System as source of technological information and competitiveness tool”.


It should be noted that ASIPI is a non-profit association whose purpose is to promote and protect the collective interests of its active associates, through the study, development and dissemination of Intellectual Property, the development and harmonization of laws, regulations and procedures related to Intellectual Property in the American countries, as well as the improvement of the knowledge and professional practice of its associates.


It is also important to mention that, within the mission objectives of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce is the protection of innovation and the transfer of knowledge, conducted through the development of orientations and dissemination activities on Industrial Property.


The signed agreement has an initial duration of three (3) years, renewable by the parties.