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SIC publishes the "Influencer advertising good practices guide"

20 Noviembre, 2020

The purpose of this not legally binding Guide is to guide advertisers and influencers involved in some commercial activities, with respect to the current and applicable regulations in Colombia;

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), in its role as national authority for consumer protection, issued the "INFLUENCER ADVERTISING GOOD PRACTICES GUIDE". This initiative seeks to protect consumers in the digital age, after becoming evident the role that influencers play in guiding the decision-making of their followers in the different social networks regarding which products they will purchase.

This new way of advertising has been growing without clear and true information for consumers, who believe they receive content that is the result of influencer's personal experiences, ignoring that sometimes these experiences are based in contractual relationship with an advertiser. Even though these contractual relationships not necessarily take off the truthfulness of the message, not telling it to the consumers, reduces transparency in the face of the consumer decision.

The purpose of this Guide, that is not legally binding for the parties, is to guide advertisers and influencers involved in this type of commercial activity, with respect to the current and applicable regulations in Colombia; as well as on the correct way in which they should issue messages and commercial content on social networks, so that the consumers' rights are guaranteed and they are not misled, deceived or confused.

With the implementation of this Guide, it is also sought that consumers have sufficient information, so that in the exercise of their right of free choice, they can identify when they are before an advertising message or when it is a spontaneous recommendation of the influencer and in this way make effective the protection of their rights of the consumers in the digital environment.

The "INFLUENCER ADVERTISING GOOD PRACTICES GUIDE" can be consulted on the SIC website;