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Sic orders 17 parking lots to comply with consumer rights

31 Agosto, 2022

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), as National Authority for Consumer Protection, executed twenty-four (24) administrative inspections in establishments that provide parking services, in three crowded areas of Bogotá. This operation aimed to verify the compliance to provide information on the conditions of service, such as date, time, modality, site conditions, payment systems, among others, as well as the requirements to guarantee the safekeeping and adequate protection of vehicles. 

After the inspections, alleged infractions of the consumer protection regulations were generally noticed in some of the establishments visited: 

  • There was a lack of information on receipts about the vehicle's status, as well as technological means to comply with this obligation. 
  • Consumers were not informed in a sufficient or suitable way, of the means of payment available in the parking lots. 
  • The parking lots allegedly did not inform consumers about the current price list of the services offered. 
  • The managers of the parking lots illegally informed consumers through regulations and notices about their lack of obligations to assume the custody and adequate conservation of the vehicles, the elements that compose them, and complementary equipment. 

Once the inspection was completed, the Deputy Superintendence for Consumer Protection issued 17 administrative orders to parking lots, which granted five (5) business days to amend the offending conduct.