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SIC opens investigation in the cleaning service sector for alleged antitrust agreements

26 Noviembre, 2021

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, in its role as the National Authority   for Competition Protection, opened an investigation against the company YUMBO LIMPIO and YUMBO CITY HALL, for having agreed on a series of practices aimed at preventing the entry of new competitors and limiting competition on equal terms with other providers interested in cleaning services contracts in the municipality of Yumbo, thereby restricting the free choice of Yumbo’s citizens.

YUMBO CITY HALL and YUMBO LIMPIO had taken several steps to favor the latter for the provision of the public cleaning service in the municipality of Yumbo. Said steps would include the irregular assignment of the “Uniform Conditions Contracts” and the delivery of the entire registry of users of the municipality's cleaning service to YUMBO LIMPIO, so that joint billing could be carried out exclusively in their favor. 

With these behaviors, the free participation of other companies interested in the provision of the public cleaning service in the municipality of Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, would have been affected. Likewise, the freedom of choice of users was seriously violated, by imposing charges for services not provided and failing to respect their contracts with other companies.