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Sic opened investigation to Avianca and Price Res for alleged breach of commmitments in merger case

31 Agosto, 2022

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), in its role as National Authority for Competition Protection, opened an investigation to AVIANCA and PRICE RES for the alleged breach of the conditions imposed by the SIC through Resolution No. 60515 of August 22, 2018, which conditionally authorized the merger operation presented by these companies so that they would operate jointly in the intermediation market of commercialization and reservation of tour packages nationally and internationally. 

Within the framework of the case, the SIC evidenced that, at least, from November 2018 until March 2021, AVIANCA and PRICE RES would have offered a series of promotional bonuses in which, for the purchase of air tickets in the website, discounts were granted on the purchase of packages or services offered on the AVIANCA TOURS webpage, a brand that these companies jointly exploited. 

This conduct could have constituted a breach of the second condition of Resolution No. 60515 of August 22, 2018, which stated that AVIANCA's offer of national or international air tickets should not implicated the application of discriminatory conditions that would put competitors at a disadvantage.