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Sic fines KFC owners for poor conditions in the after-sales service and for breaching obligations in electronic commerce

15 Diciembre, 2022

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), as National Authority for Consumer Protection, has ordered INVERSIONES INT COLOMBIA to pay a penalty of COP $160,000,000., (USD $30,000).

Based on 2,117 complaints and claims filed between January and October of 2020, the SIC concluded that the company terminated orders on its app without delivering them on multiple occasions, as well as incomplete deliveries, poor conditions, late deliveries, and missed food portions, among other things. Furthermore, the SIC investigated the website, which revealed a lack of general contract conditions in an accessible format for consultation. Likewise, it was evidenced that the information provided was insufficient, by not including the company’s NIT (Tax Identification Number).

In addition, it was found that the electronic mechanism where consumers could file their complaints and claims, did not comply with all the regulatory requirements, such as providing consumers with proof of the date and time of the filed complaint and a follow-up action mechanism.

Finally, the web page subject of the investigation lacked any links to the website of the SIC as the consumer protection authority.