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Sic fines Hughesnet for multiple infractions against the communications user protection legislation

24 Marzo, 2022

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC), as National Consumer Protection Authority, issued a fine of USD $27,000 against the communications service provider HUGHES DE COLOMBIA (HUGHESNET), based on the following reasons: 

  • Not guaranteeing the effective speed of the service offered through different advertising material, also contained on its website, and for not providing qualified and adequate information, in relation to the effective speed guarantee and the factors that slowdown that speed. 
  • Not having available on its website, the information required by the Regulation and the Sole Circular of the SIC. 
  • Failure to inform users, within the term provided, of the Unique Numerical Code (CUN) assigned to the petitions system of claims and complaints (PQR) submitted through the website. 
  • Failure to deliver the information requested by the SIC within the term granted. 

Based on the complaints filed by users in the SIC, the inspection and requirements, as well as the information collected, it was determined that HUGHESNET does not guarantee its users the effective speeds of 20MB, 25MB, 30MB and 40MB, despite been offered it in its provision of services plans. 

Likewise, HUGHESNET ignored the obligation to publish, on its website, information related to the coverage area, comparison of plans and rates, internet speed limitation factors, internet service quality indicators and traffic management practices, as established in the Sole Circular of the SIC.