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The SIC and the State Council sign memorandum of intent to implement electronic files on industrial property cases

1 Septiembre, 2020

This instrument will make it more agile and simple to advance the use of digital services that allow interoperability between the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and the H. Council of State, this in order to provide an effective solution to the entire chain that derives from the presentation, processing and execution of requests from said Judicial Corporation, thus generating a benefit for users of the administration of justice.


The agreement will be developed in two parts:


- First phase: Provide the State Council with tools to access the platform and make use of its services, including access to the administrative records of the accused act, administrative acts related to the accused act, administrative records of the related SIC actions with the accused act, industrial property registration acts and certifications of validity, ownership and scope of said industrial property registers with proof of notification and enforcement.


- Second stage: Establishment and consolidation of the process of interoperability and exchange of information between the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and the Council of State, in accordance with the guidelines of the MinTIC and the National Digital Agency. The above will contribute to responding to the challenges that are being addressed in public policy documents, especially in those of Digital Government, exploring different strategies for simplifying processes and improve response times in the processes of both entities. This will generate a benefit for users, such as the reduction of secretarial downtime.


Regarding the signing of the agreement, the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Andrés Barreto González expressed: “It is a very important advance for the institutions, as well as for the citizens, to be able to implement this virtual file that on the one hand will simplify the processes for the entities, and will translate into faster times for Colombians, on the other. It is a very important step that we are taking in the materialization of the electronic file in our country”.


Meanwhile, the President of the Council of State, Magistrate Álvaro Namen expressed: “Goodbye to the justice of yesteryear and welcome to the justice of the XXI century, with this memorandum of understanding where there will no longer be any transfer of physical files, we will say goodbye to the mountains of files that get old waiting to be resolved. With the Information and Communication Technologies we want an innovative justice, with a guarantee of speed, integrity, transparency and citizen control”.


The signed agreement has an initial duration of two (2) years, renewable by the parties.