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Official logo of Colombian ICPEN Presidency that describes fauna, flora that represents the biodiversity of the country
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Colombian Presidency 2019 - 2020

Seeking to meet ICPEN’s objectives, which are listed in articles 4 and 5 of the MOU, the Colombian Presidency built its Program of Work considering the following pillars


Colombian Presidency’s stategic points and goals

•    Finding and reinforcing preventive measures, such as the ones directed towards consumer education. 
•    Promote the exchange of experiences between all ICPEN Members and Partners.
•    Identifying and researching on problems and threats that consumers are facing in these new digital markets.
•    Study topics such as artificial intelligence, behavioral insights, sharing economy platforms, personalized pricing and advertisement. 

Based on those pillars and with the ultimate goal of ‘guiding consumers in the digital world’, the main objectives of this Presidency are: 
•    Strengthen Consumer Education 
•    Strengthen the collaboration between ICPEN Members and Partners 
•    Encourage a new perspective of enforcement through co-regulation and self-regulation.