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SIC fines Comcel for illegal report of citizens in financial information center

22 Julio, 2021

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) fined the company “COMUNICACIÓN CELULAR - COMCEL” with $30.830 USD, for not previously informing a citizen that it would be reported as defaulter to a financial information center; not having proof of the existence of the reported obligation; and not having evidence of the citizen's authorization to report it.

The decision was made through Resolution 29913 of 2021, due to the complaint of a citizen who stated that he had not been able to acquire other credit products after being informed that he supposedly had overdue obligations with COMCEL. The citizen alleged that his identity had been supplanted because he had never signed any contract with COMCEL S.A.

In its decision, the Superintendence ordered the company to accredit the implementation of mechanisms and procedures that allow it to control the reports of impersonation made by the owners of the information and to update the reports in an effective manner and within the legal term, in addition to ordering it to submit to this Authority the corrective actions taken.