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Image contains the logotype of the fined delivery app Rappi, placed upon a photograph of a messenger handling a package to a customer

SIC fined Rappi for repeated violations of the Personal Data protection regime

16 Noviembre, 2021

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) of Colombia, as National Authority for Personal Data Protection, imposed a sanction of $128.973 USD to the Colombian multinational company ‘RAPPI’, for repeated violations of the personal data protection regime, specifically, for not giving a timely response to multiple requests from users to delete their personal data, or failing to present their prior authorization for using their personal information.

The decision was made through Resolution 67775 of October 2021, and was originated by a complaint from a citizen who requested RAPPI, on four different occasions, that they no longer sent him commercial emails. Additionally, during the course of the investigation it was established that this company did not have the prior authorization of the owner to be able to use his data for advertising or marketing purposes.

This is not the first sanction imposed on RAPPI for this infraction, since in 2019 the company was also fined with $76.849 USD when another citizen demanded that the company refrain from using their personal information, as well as not send emails or phone messages for commercial or marketing purposes.