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Image contains a photograph of a packed Lettuce along with wine bottles and bananas inside a shopping cart in the middle of a supermarket hall.

Attention: the technical regulation of labelling of prepackaged products will come into force soon

30 Junio, 2021

In its role as the National Authority for Technical Regulations and Legal Metrology, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) informs the general public that the technical regulation of labelling of prepackaged goods will come into force soon and that producers and importers of those products must make their mandatory registration on the SIC platform, in order to verify compliance.

The registration must be carried out before July 6, 2021, when resolution 32209 of 2020 will be enforced. This resolution stipulates the requirements and obligations of the labeling and metrological control applied to prepackaged products.

Packers, producers, importers, or those who put their brand or banner in a prepackaged product are obliged to guarantee that the actual quantity of the content matches the quantity stated in the product’s labels.

Finally, it is essential to remember that the technical regulation establishes the prohibition of expressions such as "approximate weight" that do not provide certainty about the quantity of a product to final consumers.