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WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE. The Process of technology design, as well as any other trademark and logo displayed in this web page are registered trademarks.

The object of this web page is to give to the general public information regarding the services of the portal of the SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE. Please be sure to read carefully the following information before using this web page. The use of what it is digitally published and its content is subject to the terms of use and confidentiality that will be exposed further ahead. This are the terms of a legal agreement between anyone that accesses this webpage and the PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE. When accessing, navigating or using this Web site, you recognize to have read, understood, and are bind to comply with this terms as well as comply with every law and applicable regulation, including the exportation and re-exportation of laws and control regulation. In case you don’t accept this terms and conditions, we would recommend to stop using our Web page and its content.

WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE can, without previous notice, at any moment check this Terms of Use and any other information content in this Web site by updating this add. WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE can also make upgrades or any other changes to the services and programs described in this site at any moment and without prior notice.

This Web site includes announcements about services and own products as well as information of copyright, whose terms must be observed and follow. None of the content from this web-page can be copy, reproduce, collect, loaded, published, transmitted, distributed or used for the creation of services that result from the WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE without prior written consent, unless the WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE gives its permission to access and visualize the Web pages inside this site, only in your equipment and for personal use and not for a commercial use. This authorization is conditioned to not changing the displayed content of this site, its intact preservation, and all copyrights, brands and other property adds, as well as to the acceptance to terms, conditions and notices that come with the content or anything else that can come with the site. Nevertheless, any available material for download, access, or any other use that can be given to this site with its proper terms of licensing, conditioning and notices, its ruled by the terms, conditions and notices mentioned.

Materials from this Web page are protected by copyrights and any other non-authorized use, as well as the infringement of the terms, conditions and notices in it can violate existent national normativity. Authorization granted for the use of this Web page will end automatically in case of infringement of any of the conditions established, forcing to destroy any material obtained or impressed in this page, without prejudice of the judicial actions that WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDNCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE can impose for the transgression.

WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE holds the titles over all software rights of the Web page, as well as to the industrial and intellectual property rights in light of the contents included, making and exception over the products and services that are not part of this Company, whose brands are registered favoring the holder of each right and as well are recognized by the WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE.

WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE doesn’t give any license or authorization of use of any kind over its intellectual property rights, business secrets or any other property or right related to this Web page and its content.

Confidentiality and Data Protection Rules.

Confidentiality and data protection norms are all those regarding about personal information that users provide freely and willingly to the network WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, as well as that which is required to be provided, such as user name and password. Users can put personal data when registering to this Web pag. Users can modify or update part of their personal data at any time so WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE can provide services and contents more accurate to its profile.

WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, it’s committed to adopting a confidentiality and a data protection policy, with the purpose of protecting the Privacy of the personal information obtained through its Web site.

In addition, it reserves the right of modifying Confidentiality and Data Protection norms explained in the following point, in order to adapt them to new legal, judicial, and technical standards as well as to anything else that can help us provide a better and more efficient service and information content, which is why it is advisable to take a look at this norms periodically.

Protection of Personal Data.

The information given by the user when registering at the WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, is technologically safeguard and can only be accessed by, the same user through the use of password, or in case the user requires it, the members of the area design for this task.

The user is the only one responsible of keeping its password and the information of its account. In order to reduce the risk WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE recommends its users to log out of their accounts and closing their navigator window when finishing any activity, even more when the user shares its computer with someone or uses its computer in a public place like a library of anything else.

Even though WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE holds a technologically protection system that goes from its servers until the internet exit, no transmission from internet can guarantee 100% safety. WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE cannot guarantee that the information uploaded to the web site or provided using this service can be completely secure, meaning that the user access at his own risk.

Confidentiality of the information

WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE will not share nor reveal confidential information to third parties, except when it has fully consent from subscribers, or when it has been required by judicial or legal order, or when it is needed in order to protect intellectual property rights or any other rights from WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE.

Accepting terms

This declaration of Confidentiality and Data Protection is subject to the terms and conditions from WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, which are part of the legal agreement between the users and the WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE.

If the user uses the services of WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, means that has read, understood and accepted the terms exposed. If the user doesn’t agree with them, has the option of not giving any personal information, or using any of the services of the WEB PORTAL SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE.




The following terms and general conditions apply for every service offered by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce through internet, henceforth WSIC, and data messages exchanged with the Superintendence by using electronic mail that will be accepted by THE USER whenever this one makes use of the services offered by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.



1. Instructions for the user

THE USER is committed to following the instructions that are in every Web page of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

2. Accept bottom

Whenever THE USER presses the bottom of “Accept” or “Send” and sends information to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce through the forms offered in the WEB that contains the legend “the data message that you are using is considered as signed in light of article 7 of Law 527”, accepts that is using a reliable method and an appropriate one for the purposed of communicating with the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and therefore the data message will be signed according to the normativity mentioned In the legend. In order to confirm sending of the information, the user must wait for the data message to accuse receipt.

3. Date and time of acceptance of the data messages sent

Date and time of acceptance of the data messages will be the once that appears in accuse of receipt. In case of a form that doesn’t established dates and time of the electronic mail, the date and time of acceptance will be the date and time that appears upon entry of the data message.

4. Service web page.

WSIC is a service page, any misuse, intent of violation of the system, imitation of individuals or in general terms any other action that has the intention of damaging in any way the service, divert it or delay it, will give place for disciplinary sanctions according to what is stablished by Lay 734 of 2000 and/or any other action established in current normativity.

5. Updates

The conditions established in this document may be updated at any moment without prior notice on behalf of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.


It is advisable to send any complaint, comment or suggestion regarding this services to: or to the address Carrera 13 No. 27-00 Centro documental, Bogotá, D.C.

7. Noncompliance with the terms exposed

If THE USER doesn’t comply with this terms, must refrain from using any of the services from WSIC, due to the fact that the use of this services means accepting the terms.



8. Information Services

THE USER, can consult in the WSIC a transcription of the norms described, regarding and that belong to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. The information consulted on the WSIC may have inaccurate information that don’t commit the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce in any process that is being carried in this entity or in any other entity. According to what is established in article 25 of the CCA, the information established doesn’t bind the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

9. Links

The WSIC offers links to internet pages relative to the functions and services from the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. However, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce does not incur in any responsibility over the content of the web pages in reference.

10. Electronic mails signed

All electronic mails sent to are considered signed and with an official destination.

11. Electronic mails signed and with acknowledge of received

The accounts from the mail is used to send information to the SIC regarding the processes established for this process in an explicit way. All mails sent to are considered as signed and official destination. When sending information to this mail certain instructions published in the Web page must be followed. Acknowledgement of receiving this mail will be understood when whoever sends it recognizes that has received the mail pointing out an entry number. If the sender doesn’t receives this acknowledgement or receives it with an error message in the title, this mail will not be understood as received.

12. Sending an e-mail from the Superintendence signed

All mails send from any account terminated in, are going to be considered as signed from the person who sends it, whenever they content:

  • An entry number that is valid, according to the entry system from the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.
  • Valid codes for Process, Event and Act.
  • Name and charge of whoever sends the message.

13. Not official mail

Electronic mails sent and receipt to and from electronic mails that end in, or in any condition that has not been described in points 5 and 6, are considered as not official mails and do not commit the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.



14. How to access this services

In order to access this electronic mail service you can use your navigation browser for standard internet. Accessing through the Web and then entering name and password. If you have any trouble accessing the mail or if you wish to access in any other way you have to contact the support office ext: 333.

15. Management

Management of the electronic mail from the SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE will have a centralized scheme. Management is in charge of the General Secretary through the Systems Office.

16. Request of creating/ canceling mail accounts

The chief of the Group of Human Resources has the obligation of informing the Systems Office regarding the access, transfer or retire of a public servant of this entity, so that with the information given the Systems Office proceeds to create a new users account and cancel accounts that are no longer required.

17. Limited resources

The electronic mail is not a limited resource and the infrastructure is shared by every user. In light of this, you have to refrain from sending heavy messages. It is considered as a heavy message that one that measures more than 50 graphic pages or a presentation of over 20 slides with graphics, or in more exact terms, those which have an archive that weights over 1MB of information.

Standards established are wide enough to provide a normal mail service, if there is a special requirement for transferring information that is above the established limits, the requirement or consultation must be made to the network administrators.

18. Use of the mail

Electronic mail is design to provide a telecommunication Service between public servants of the SUPERINTENDNCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE whenever they require to exchange information. In order to make an adequate use of this service it is important to fulfill the rules and the policies established.

This service is destined to exchange work information among public servants from the SUPERINTENDNCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE, however, on special occasions it can be used for the exchange of persona information.

The electronic mail can be used by all public servants from the SUPERINTENDENCE OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE that have access to a computer with network access and with operational system of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional and NT Work Station.

To intern electronic mail have access all public servants mentioned above and the information that circulates among it has a non-institutional character.

When sending formal documents, such as memorandums, internal circulars, official mail or institutional mail this can only be done by people authorized to sign with the proper registry in the entry system of this entity.

Mails must have in the lowest part the following legend:

Mail from Public Servants of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

This data message is a non-institutional communication from the Superintendence that is ruled by the conditioned established In the agreement, and for such Whoever receives and whoever sends, are in agreement with them.

This legend is attached to every mail in an automatic way. If any other kind of tool is used to send electronic mails, this legend must be imprinted in any case that the legend doesn’t print in an automatic way.

19. Responsibility of the use of the electronic mail account assigned.

The responsibility of any electronic mail send by using this service falls under the person that owns the account that sends the mail. Therefore, it is very important to be especially careful with the passwords the user has to access the network.

20. Reading the administrators mail is mandatory

Each electronic mail user is in titled o reading the administrator’s mails since they carry important information and rules that must be comply in order to have a good use of the service. Those users that don’t read the electronic mails from the administration office or don’t follow norms or rules can be sanctioned with the suspension of the service.

21. Administrating the mail electronic box

Each user has the responsibility of administrating its electronic mail box, where administrates means move the mails that are no longer needed to the trail called neomail-trash and then emptying that trail box.

You may verify permanently the space available in the top part of the Web page of your mail.

22. Available space in the mail box

The available space in each of the mail boxes is of 9 MB. In order to calculate the total amount of space used you must look at the size, check the value that is on the right side of each message. If you have any doubts regarding the total amount available please call the support line (ext 333).

Remember that messages send are also store in the sent-mail trail. Therefore, if you wish to eliminate space, open the trail of sent messages and move them to the trash trail with the moving bottom. Then empty the trash trail with the empty bottom.

23. Sending mails

For messages that are going to be send to a big group of people, you will have to ask for permission from the network administrator. The electronic mails that are send in a general matter, meaning big groups of work, must be short and if there is the need to point out big volumes of information, you should only inform the place where this information is stored (public folder, shared directory) and not send it by mail.

24. Recommendations

Program the rules to download your electronic mails to the personal folders you can create in your mail client. This will avoid congestions from the electronic mail service provider.

Make sure to have your anti-virus updated, a lot of viruses attack by only opening electronic mails.

Never open a file included in electronic mails without checking it up with the anti.-virus before. The executable archives (those who have the extension .exe) and Word archives (.doc) are more likely to hold viruses. Some viruses such as Melissa, enter the address book from Outlook and send messages to the people that appear there, with copies of the virus in attached documents (this usually happens without the notice of the user). When receivers see the message from someone they know, they open it with trust and their PC is infected. The consequences here can be fatal and among the more usual are:

  • Eliminating all kind of information from the hard disk of the equipment.
  • Permanent damage to the setting of the equipment.
  • Display of the infected files over the network, with serious damages to multiple equipment.
  • Failure in the equipment, applications service providers and data bases.
  • Do not use the intern mail to display misinformation regarding the entity or its public servant. Whoever behaves like this will be investigated under Law 734 of 20001, by undermining the prohibition contemplated under point 6 of article 35.
  • If you cannot avoid that your friend send you files from Internet, at least don’t send them to anyone else. When a message with a heavy archive circulates around the Entity, the services fills up.
  • Use your connection to your personal mail in order to send entertaining messages.
  • Avoid sending archives that are too big and include the less number of people on your mailing list. Use wise your mail to avoid filling the network.
  • Never use the electronic mail to send chains or untruthful warnings regarding information. This type of messages are design to capture electronic mails of thousands of people and then sending commercial information that was not asked for,