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Deputy Superintendence for the Verification and the Control of Technical Regulation and Legal Metrology

This Deputy was created by Decree 4886 of 2011, which restructured the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, giving it faculties to supervise and control the compliance of technical regulations assigning also functions regarding legal metrology provisions, quality and quantity control of liquid fuels derived from oil distributing stations and river traffic services throughout the Colombian territory.

This Deputy also enforces the rules on price control, speculation and reports failure rates when there is such an obligation, regarding drugs, milk and agrochemicals.


The functions of the Deputy Superintendence for the Control and Verification of Technical Regulation and Legal Metrology are:

This Deputy Superintendence has an international project with the German Office for Legal Metrology called, Physikalisch-Technischen Bundesanstalt-PTB. Some of the activities behind this project aim at strengthening the capacity of the services offered by the LEGAL METROLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM-SIMEL, sharing experiences by bringing experts on legal metrology to Colombia and developing a document about the evolution of legal metrology matters in Colombia.

In addition, since 2013 this Deputy Superintendence is a member of the International Organization of Legal Metrology-IOLM. By being a member of this organization, we have the right to access certain guidelines created by them, that suggest laws and policies that can be applied by Countries to improve their regime.

  • Give advice to the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce in the formulation of policies as it relates to its area.
  • Ensure compliance of the rules and laws, and propose new provisions.
  • Give support for the Office of Consumer Services and Business Support in the development of outreach, promotion and training activities, in matters within its competence
  • Set the allowable tolerances for purposes of metrological control.
  • Establish the applicable requirements to the models or prototypes of the measurement instruments and patterns that are to be commercialized, and give its approval.
  • Determine multiples and submultiples of the legal units of measurement according to the International System of Units, the legal units of measurement that are not covered by the International System of Units SI and customary units of measurement and their multiples and submultiples, in accordance with the system of weights and measures established by law .
  • Give authorization to the certification bodies in order to provide services in the country, in accordance with the provisions of Law 527 of 1999 and exercise accordingly the functions under this Law or any other regulations that modify or add.
  • Formalize, at the request of the National Institute of Metrology, measurement standards maintained or held by him or established by other laboratories designated by this Institute. The National Metrology Institute shall submit the necessary technical studies to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce to this rule within 30 days.
  • Standardize methods and measurement procedures, and calibration and establish an information bank for broadcast.
  • Disclose the international system of units in different industrial sectors.
  • Decide appeals and requests for direct recall filed against acts issued and the appeal filed against the acts issued by the Directorate in charge.
  • Direct the dependencies this Deputy is in charge off and ensure the efficient performance of the functions required.
  • Receive and evaluate reports submitted to them and report regularly to the Superintendent about the state of the affairs of its dependency and the degree of implementation of its programs.
  • Other duties as assigned and which reflect the nature of the dependence.