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Deputy Superintendence for Industral Property

The Deputy Superintendence for Industrial Property is a dependency of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, which administers the National Industrial Property Office and, processes and decide over related matters.

In order to manage its tasks this Deputy is divided into two Directions: Distinctive Signs and New Creations. The first Direction, handles everything related to trademarks, slogans, emblems and geographical indications. The Direction of New Creations manages everything related to patents, utility model patents, industrial designs and layout of integrated circuits.

Likewise, the Bank Group has Patent charge of promotion, dissemination and training Industrial Property System in the country, and also promotes information technology services as a tool for decision making in new product development and process.


The functions of the Office of the Deputy Superintendent for Industrial Property in accordance with Decree 4886 of 2011 are:

  • Advise the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce in the formulation of policies as it relates to its area.
  • Ensure compliance with the rules and laws, as well as propose new provisions.
  • Give support to the Office of Consumer Services and Business Support in the development of outreach, promotion and training activities, in matters within its competence.
  • Decide over the requests made for declaring the protection of a denomination of origin.
  • Deciding over the requests made by the delegation to authorize the use of a denomination of origin, in accordance with what is established on the Decree 3081 of 2005 or in the rules that amend it and/or supplement it.
  • Deciding over the requests for an authorization to use a denomination of origin, when this faculty has not been delegated, pursuant to the provisions of Decree 3081 of 2005 or the rules amending it and supplementing it.
  • Adopt the necessary measures to promote and train in the use, consultation and dissemination of the industrial property system as a source of technological information and competitive tool measures.
  • Collect, process and disseminate technological information related to Industrial Property, allowing the momentum of research projects of industrial and productive development and innovation.
  • Develop the studies for technological quests from industrial property documents, in which the state of the art is identified and serves as input for technology transfer.
  • Decide the appeals and requests for direct recall filed against acts issued in the first instance and the appeal filed against the acts issued by the Directors in charge.
  • Submit to the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, the necessary procedure for advancing the facilitation hearing and other dispute resolution mechanisms provided in paragraph 9 of Article 19 of this current Decree.
  • Direct dependencies in charge and ensure the efficient performance of the functions required.
  • Receiving and evaluating the reports submitted to them, and report regularly to the Superintendent of the affairs of their dependencies and the degree of implementation of its programs.
  • Other duties as assigned and which reflect the nature of the dependence.