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Due to misleading advertising SIC ordered Claro to give 200mb to its communication services users

Through Resolution No. 83306 of November 13, 2018, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) ordered COMUNICACIÓN CELULAR S.A. COMCEL S.A. (CLARO) to give 200MB to each user because of the way the plans were advertised.

This resolution was issued after it was determined that CLARO’s advertising campaign called "Now, for your top-ups, we’ll give you Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp", violated consumer rights. According to the decision, CLARO did not provide the consumers with sufficient information about the conditions and restrictions of its offer. The SIC considered that CLARO should have had explained the scope of the incentive as well as other conditions that were essential at the time of the consumer making their decision.

Once CLARO presented the "User’s Compensation Plan", the SIC found that some of the criteria and conditions of the compensation were insufficient. Therefore, it was necessary to define the compensation plan that the operator had to comply with in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the decision and the user's protection rights.

The full content of the Resolution No. 83306 can be consulted in Spanish in this link. 

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