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Two security companies will have to face the SIC sanctions after violating free competition during public procurement bids

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (hereinafter SIC) imposed a sanction over two companies: COSEQUÍN LIMITADA and SEGURIDAD SAN MARTÍN LIMITADA, after demonstrating their participation in collusive conducts destined to intervene in numerous contracting processes with several public entities.

As the SIC was able to prove, the sanctioned companies acted in a joint, coordinated and systematic manner during different stages of various selection processes: (i) identification of the processes; (ii) obtaining documents, formulation and presentation of offers; and (iii) carrying out all subsequent procedures, such as the correction of offers and the presentation of observations.

The anti-competitive scheme also included the payment of an economic consideration in favour of COSEQUÍN LIMITADA in case SEGURIDAD SAN MARTÍN LIMITADA was awarded in the selection processes.

Both companies and legal representatives will have to pay a fine of more than COP $600 million pesos (approx. USD$ 176.740).