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Superindustria urged RAPPI to comply with electronic commerce regulations and presents charges for possible violations of the consumer protection regimen

The SIC, as the Colombian consumer authority, presented charges against Rappi S.A.S., after identifying a possible violation of the consumer protection regulations regarding information, misleading advertising, promotions, price information, among others.

The decision was taken after evaluating more than 750,000 requests and 117 complaints filed by RAPPI users before the Deputy Superintendence for Consumer Protection.

In addition to the above, the SIC took into consideration the total of  472 lawsuits that the Deputy Superintendence for Jurisdictional Matters met in the exercise of the consumer protection action, of which 108 are active.

If the charges imputed by the SIC were proven, Rappi would be sanctioned with a fine of up to 2,000 Colombian legal minimum wages.

In addition to the above, the SIC issued an administrative order to Rappi in which it stipulates that said platform must comply with the electronic commerce regulations that govern the country. This decision came after analysing that this initiative behaves the same as an electronic commerce platform and therefore, the same rules should apply.

Any failure to comply with this regulation allows the SIC to impose a new sanction against Rappi. 

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