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SIC sanctions four companies for business cartelisation in chlorine and caustic soda market

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (hereinafter SIC), in its role as national authority for the protection of competition, decided to impose sanctions against BRINSA and QUIMPAC. These companies incurred, for more than twelve years (2002-2014), in a cartel to distribute chlorine customers, used especially by the country's aqueducts, which require it for the treatment and potabilization of water.

The SIC also decided to impose sanctions on BRINSA, QUIMPAC, TRICHEM and MEXICHEM for implementing a system restricting competition in the caustic soda market in Colombia. The sanctions imposed by the SIC amount to a global sum of more than $125 billion pesos.

Thirteen officials and former officials of the four cartelized companies were also sanctioned for having collaborated, facilitated, authorized, executed or tolerated conduct that violated free economic competition.