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The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (hereafter, SIC), in its role as the national authority for data protection, initiated 29 investigations of candidates of popular election for possible violations of the country's data protection regulation. The decisions were taken after 38 citizens filed complaints before the Entity and in some cases the Authority took evidence from social networks.

87% of the people filing a complaint before the SIC stated that they did not give authorization to the candidates to use their information for political proselytizing purposes; while another 8.6% of the citizens complained about the use of images of minors in political advertising materials and 4.4% for political defamation.

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce will try to resolve all complaints. In this regard, the Authority asks citizens to submit the complaint to the candidate and / or the political party, who must respond within 15 business days from the reception date, before filing their complaint to the entity.

In the event that the SIC concludes the breach of data protection regulations, it may impose institutional or personal fines of up to two thousand legal minimum wages, equivalent to 1.6 billion pesos (Approx. USD $ 483,687).