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SIC grants the trademark registration of "Luis Miguel"

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (hereafter, SIC), as the national authority for industrial property registration, granted Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri with the trademark registration of the nominative expression that refers to his name LUIS MIGUEL.

Registration of the mark was granted to distinguish goods and services such as perfumes, appliances for Classes 3 (perfumes, colognes); 9 (compact discs, DVDs and other recording media); 14 (jewellery, watches); 16 (material for artists and drawing material); 18 (travel bags; handbags; multipurpose handbags); 25 (clothing; footwear; headgear); and, 41 (entertainment services; entertainment programmes) of the Nice International Classification.

LUIS MIGUEL has reached its fame thanks to its long trajectory in music and is recognized for his versatility when interpreting its themes in various musical genres such as ballads, mariachi, tangos, among others. He joins the prominent artists who decide to register as a trademark their name and signature, which highlights the importance of this legal figure as a way of identification in different markets.

This decision can be appealed.