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SIC Granted Protection To The "Black Crab Of Providence" With A Designation Of Origin

SIC Granted Protection To The "Black Crab Of Providence" With A Designation Of Origin

SIC granted protection to the "Black Crab of Providence" with a designation of origin

The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (hereafter, SIC) granted protection to the "PROVIDENCE BLACK CRAB" with the Colombian Denomination of Origin, and delegated the power to authorize its use to the Providence Sweet Black Crab Association (ASOCRAB).

The Black Crab is a marine and terrestrial animal whose initial phase of life takes place in the water, then grows and inhabits tropical dry forests. The reputation of the Black Crab was born decades ago when the inhabitants of Providencia Island began to process some of its parts in an artisanal way to develop recipes that are now part of the culture of this area of ​​the country. The parts used are the crab meat and molars, which are characterized by being soft and creamy, in addition to having unique qualities regarding their texture and flavour.

This denomination of origin will benefit approximately 207 participants in the production chain, as well as restaurants' owners in Providencia. This is the first time that a product of the Archipelago of San Andrés, Santa Catalina, and Providencia receives this protection.

To date, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce has declared the protection of 28 Colombian denominations of origin, among which are: “Bocadillo veleño”, “Café de Colombia”, “Queso Paipa”, “Rosa de Colombia”, “Bizcocho de achira del Huila”, among others.