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The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (hereafter, SIC), as the national authority for industrial property registration, granted the protection of Appellation of Origin to CERÁMICA NEGRA DE LA CHAMBA and delegated the authorization of its use to the Association of Artisans from the villages of La Chamba y Chipuelo.

The Superintendent, Andrés Barreto González said: “The announcement of the Appellation of Origin of this creation means an incentive for the social and economic development of this region of Colombia, as well as a recognition of the cultural values and tradition of the artisans who make these pieces. Protecting their creativity and legacy, it is our duty as an Authority”

The protection granted by the SIC, will allow artisans to have a distinction that will characterize their products, which ends up adding an extra value and will give them the opportunity to compete in local and international markets in which the origin, quality and attributes of these ceramics will be recognized.

The announcement took place during “Expoartesanias 2019”. It is important to highlight that Colombia has 29 Appellations of Origin, some of them are: “Bocadillo veleño”, “Café de Colombia”, “Queso Paipa”, “Rosa de Colombia” and “Bizcocho de achira del Huila”.

¿What is “Cerámica Negra de La Chamba”?

The “Cerámica Negra de La Chamba” is obtained from the combination of three (3) kinds of clays. They are: smooth clay, which provides plasticity; the sandy clay, which allows a uniform drying; and finally the red clay, which allows the final process of blackens and waterproof of the pieces.

Another important characteristic for the elaboration of these goods is the traditional knowledge (more than 300 years) of the residents of the villages of La Chamba and Chipuelo Oriente, which defines the quality and consistency in the elaboration of the ceramic pieces.