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The SIC carried out the "II International Congress on Surveillance of Regulated Product"

Bucaramanga was the scenery of the "II International Congress of Surveillance for Regulated Products", where national and international experts emphasized the importance of complying with technical regulations to ensure that markets have safer and better quality products.

The regulatory impact assessment was one of the main topics since this allows regulators to intervene in the economy with an effective, responsible and transparent manner. In addition, it is a tool for the regulator to decide whether or not to regulate a product in the market or design the tools to effectively monitor these regulations.

Another issue that was most emphasized during the event was related to the efforts made by entities linked to the National Quality Subsystem (SICAL, by its acronym in Spanish) to change the consumers' way of thinking regarding goods and services. Its purpose is to educate them so they can have as a priority the quality and safety of the products they purchase, above the price.

For the SIC it is satisfactory to see how the industry has adopted the compliance of the Technical Regulations as a business policy within its production processes, to guarantee quality and safety requirements.

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