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PROSUR meeting on the consolidation of cooperation between South American Industrial Property Offices

The Deputy Superintendent for Industrial Property Affairs, Mr. José Luis Londoño Fernández, participated in a meeting of PROSUR titled "Consolidation of cooperation between South American Industrial Property Offices (PROSUR II)", which was organized by such program and was held from December 15 to 16 in Santiago de Chile, Chile.

PROSUR is a program funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) that seeks to promote information exchange among South American Industrial Property offices, in order to let them achieve greater efficiency in the management of their procedures. The project is in its second stage (PROSUR II), which aims at consolidating inter-institutional technical cooperation on IP matters in the region. This second stage was approved in April 2014, and its Steering Committee, which is responsible for making strategic decisions, decided to hold this meet to review the program results achieved so far and examine its continuity.

The Steering Committee is composed of the highest representatives of the National Industrial Property Offices of the members of PROSUR, and that is why Mr. Londoño Fernández participated in this meeting in representation of Colombia. His attendance had a great importance since he exposed the management the SIC has carried out in the second stage of the project, and promoted cooperation for the benefit of the country within the framework of the mentioned program.

Moreover, he received the Presidency Pro Tempore of PROSUR, which will be on Colombia’s charge from January 1, 2017.