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Colombia Towards Convention 108+

Colombia Towards Convention 108+

On behalf of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Andrés Barreto González, the Superintendent, and Dr. Nelson Remolina Angarita, Deputy Superintendent for Data Protection, and the Head of the Information Society Department at the Council of Europe, Patrick Penninckx, participated in a meeting in Bogota. The aim of the meeting was to reinforce the relationship between the entities after the exchanges that took place during the 17th Ibero-American Meeting on the Protection of Personal Data.

This important meeting led to discussions about the possibilities of joining the Committee of Convention 108 as observers, as a first step into Convention 108+.

“The Council of Europe is updating its Personal Data Protection Convention - “Convention 108” – with two key aims: (i) addressing challenges for privacy resulting from the use of new information and communication technologies, strengthening the convention’s follow-up mechanism.  (ii) The modernisation process also aims at bringing together the various normative frameworks that have developed in different regions of the world and provide a multilateral framework that is flexible, transparent and robust, facilitating the flow of data across borders while providing effective safeguards against abuse”[1].