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46th Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities Forum - APPA

The Director of Investigations on Personal Data Protection, Mr. Carlos Enrique Salazar Muñoz, attended the “46th Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities Forum”, which was organized by the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) of Mexico. The event was held in Manzanillo, Mexico, on December 1 and 2 of 2016, and took place within the framework of the APPA (Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities) periodic meeting. APPA is an international group that represents the main forum for data protection and privacy authorities in the Asia Pacific Region.

The participation of SIC in this event was relevant, since Colombia, through this Entity, is a member of APPA since 2013. This network, created in 1992, focuses on the joint work of the privacy authorities in topics such as regulation, new technologies, handling of complaints and the implementation of supervision methods. Its members meet twice a year to discuss their progresses, and this was the last meeting of 2016.

Mr. Salazar Muñoz, during his performance as speaker in this meeting, presented Colombia's advances in its privacy monitoring functions, like the implementation of the National Registry of Databases and the adoption of the Comprehensive System of Intelligent Supervision (SISI) - management model of supervision process based on personal data risks. Moreover, he participated in different panels and exposed SIC’s considerations in relation to topics such as high-impact research decision-making, the sweep activity of APPA on Internet of Things, the construction of protocols for interoperability and information exchange, among others.