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Andrés Barreto González, Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, attended the OCDE’s Competition Committee in France

From November 26 to December 1, Mr. ANDRÉS BARRETO GONZÁLEZ, current Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, attended the OCDE Working Party 2, Working Party 3, Competition Committee Meetings, and the Global Competition Forum in Paris, France.

The participation of Mr. Barreto in the aforementioned events is even more important as Colombia was accepted member of the OECD in 2018. Likewise, Mr. BARRETO GONZÁLEZ’s attendance is relevant since, as Superintendent of Industry and Commerce, he was called to represent the SIC as the National Authority for the Protection of Competition in the different sessions.

In his role of superintendent, he participated in different discussion spaces in order to present the current status of the implementations of the OCDE recommendations regarding the Colombian competition regime.

Mr. Barreto also had the important task of addressing issues related to the Annual Meeting of the ICN, which will be held in Cartagena in May 2019.