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The SIC participated in the OCDE’S WPCPS and CCP meetings

The Deputy Superintendent for Consumer Protection, Ms. Maria Carolina Corcione, participated in the OCDE’s 18th meeting on the Working Party on Consumer Product Safety (WPCPS) and the 97th Session of the Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP), both of these events were held in Paris (France) from April 8 – 9, 2019.

The CCP is responsible for promoting and monitoring consumer protection in the world and the WGCPS aims to work and promote policies that are necessary to ensure the protection of consumers and the product safety in the world markets.

The SIC's participation in the committees is very relevant, since it is the most appropriate way to learn about current and emerging issues in specific matters related to consumer protection; likewise, it makes possible the strengthening of inter-institutional relations between the members of the OECD; finally, it allows to know and implement the best existing practices and policies, in this particular case, as far as consumer protection is concerned.

Given Ms. Corcione's extensive experience in the subject, she was invited to represent the entity in the different sessions and to present the advances of the SIC in terms of consumer protection, especially regarding the formulation of consumer policies' recommendations, online backups and reviews, best practices in e-commerce, the status of projects such as the personalized pricing experiment, the measurement of online consumer confidence, among others.