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The SIC took part of the “Global Privacy Sweep” for third time in a row

In September 2016, the SIC participated this year in the “Global Privacy Sweep”, activity that is annually leaded by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN). On this opportunity, the Sweep focused on devices with internet connections (Internet of Things) and the analysis of their respective privacy protection frameworks.

Twenty-five privacy protection agencies examined more than 300 devices, among which were smart watches and electrical thermostats with internet connections. The activity sought to identify market tendencies that may guide the actions of the authorities in capacitation and diffusion needs, or in the identification of possible investigations for alleged transgressions to privacy protection regulations.

The results of the sweep included some of the following conclusions:

  • 59% of the devices failed to explain to consumers how they gather, use and disclosed their personal information.
  • 68% of the devices failed to explain to consumers how the information is being stored.
  • 72% of the devices fail to explain to consumers how they can erase their personal information.
  • 38% of the devices fail to include identifiable contact information.

The SIC will have these general results in mind in order to orientate its enforcement and supervision activities in this field.