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The SIC attended the “ICN Annual Conference 2017”

The SIC attended the  “ICN Annual Conference 2017”

May 9, 2017

Mr. Felipe Garcia, Chief Advisor to the Superintendent of Industry and Commerce of Colombia, participated in the “ICN Annual Conference 2017”, which took place in the city of Oporto, Portugal, on May 9-12 of 2017. This year, the Annual Conference gathered experts on competition from around the world to discuss current initiatives in the matter and to urge for better national policies on antitrust issues in the global markets.

Mr. García participated as speaker in the Breakout Session: “Fines and Criminal Sanctions Against Cartels”. Here, he was able to share the Colombian experience on the fight against corruption and corporate cartels. Alongside with representatives of Spain, England, Japan and Kenia, the break out session allowed the discussion of administrative fines as a tool of deterrence and the analysis of the biggest obstacles for the competition authorities in the fight against cartels.

He also said that the country is preparing a bill that will modify the general competition regime, including the structure of sanctions. The proposal, he said, also includes a provision that specifies that, in cases of manipulation of public bids, the Superintendence may prohibit the sanctioned company from contracting with any government agency for up to five years.

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