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The Superintendence of Industry and Commerce is participating in the Consumer Policy Sessions of the OECD in Paris

The Deputy Superintendent for Jurisdictional Affairs, Felipe García Pineda, will represent Colombia at the sessions of the Working Party on Consumer Product Safety and in the 87th session of the Committe on Consumer Policy from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), that are being held in Paris, at the headquarters of the Organization.

At the Ordinary Session number 8 of the Working Party on Consumer Product Safety of the OECD, issues regarding risk analysis, tracking and traceability of products, as well as the withdrawing of unsafe products from the market, will be discuss among participants.

On the other hand, the Ordinary Session number 87 from the Consumer Policy Committee of the OECD will focus on aspects related to electronic commerce, including i) the policy guidelines involving the purchase of digital content, ii) the guidelines and relating issues on inclusive e-commerce, which involves the interactive commitment of consumers in commercial transactions of social networks, blogs, among other things.

The Deputy Superintendent for Jurisdictional Affairs will expose the latest developments regarding consumer product safety and consumer protection in Colombia, which are promoted by the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

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