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Colombia assited the “XV Ibero-American meeting on Data Protection”

Colombia assited the “XV Ibero-American meeting on Data Protection”

Mrs. María Claudia Caviedes Mejía, Deputy Superintendent for Personal Data Protection, participated in the "XV Ibero-American Meeting on Data Protection", which took place in Santiago de Chile on June 19-23, 2017. 

Mrs. Caviedes was invited to participate in the panel "Surveillance and Data Protection", which was a reflection session that discussed various legal and ethical dilemmas that arise after the use of video surveillance devices or the collection of private information without the consent of the owners.

This meeting was a great opportunity, not only to present the work carried out by the SIC in recent years, aimed at creating and strengthening a regime of personal data protection in Colombia, but also to know the current perspectives and challenges faced by the authorities of the region. 

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