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Colombia was present in the OECD Consumer Policy Committee and Product Safety Working Group meeting in Paris

Colombia was present in the OECD Consumer Policy Committee and Product Safety Working Group meeting in Paris

On 6th and 7th November, the 15th WPCPS meeting took place in Paris, France. Ms. GLORIA ISABEL ORTIZ CASTAÑEDA our Product Safety and Affairs Coordinator was invited on behalf of the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. Ms. Ortiz has been in constant dialogue with the various OECD officials and has been the SIC representative in the Working Group on Consumer Product Safety. In addition, she also needs to be aware of the decisions and procedures regarding the administrative investigations that are being carried out for alleged violation of the current provisions on consumer protection. She is, therefore, one of the most suitable people to: present the current state of the country in this matter, inform on the country’s progress, and recognize aspects that can be improved based on other countries’ experiences.

The SIC’s participation in these types of activities is of great relevance. As we obtained a good appraisal from the OECD regarding consumer protection, one of our obligations is to actively participate in the activities that are carried out by this Committee and in the working groups. The purpose of the previous is to: i) understand the current and emerging issues in subject-specific issues related to consumer protection, ii) strengthen the inter-institutional relations between the OECD members and the committee, and iii) know and implement existing best practices and policies in terms of consumer protection.

The main objective of the CCP session was to discuss the issue of consumer confidence in digital markets as well as the duty to inform those markets. The WPCPS session focused, in turn, on the launch of the OECD product safety portal as well as the future campaigns regarding furniture and electronic commerce.

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