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73% of businesses and legal entities have registered their databases in the SIC

73% of businesses and legal entities have registered their databases in the SIC

Under the Personal Data Protection World Day, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) of Colomnia revealed that 73% of legal entities that must register their databases in the authority, has already done so. In other words, of 33,819 that must comply with Decree 090 of 2018, 24,700 have already been registered.

The SIC also announced great advances in terms of education and prevention. For example, as part of its work to promote and disseminate individual rights related to personal data and privacy, the Superintendence carried out more than 260 training sessions for public and private entities, unions and businessmen in 17 cities of the country, in 2017.

To support small businesses, in 2017, the SIC worked on the consolidation of instruments, such as guides and booklets, and carried out round tables with members of the Colombian Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (ACOPI, for its acronym in Spanish), in order to provide guidance in the implementation of the General Regime of Personal Data Protection within their organizations.

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