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2do. Congreso Internacional de Metrología Legal


Sobre el congreso

El Segundo Congreso Internacional de Metrología Legal tiene como objeto principal generar un espacio en el cual las diferentes autoridades de control metrológico en el mundo puedan compartir experiencias frente a las actividades de regulación técnica de instrumentos de medición; evaluación de la conformidad y la respectiva infraestructura para ello, en diferentes tipos de economías e industrias; y por supuesto, la práctica en la vigilancia del mercado en aspectos metrológicos.

Una situación ideal para el presente Congreso es el contar con la asistencia de la mayoría de autoridades a nivel latinoamericano, y de esta manera, permitir una interacción con los diferentes estados miembros pertenecientes a la Organización Internacional de Metrología Legal –OIML, quienes tendrán el Comité Internacional de Metrología Legal –CIML días previos a nuestro evento.

Teniendo en cuenta que el grupo expositor será conformado por los representantes de las mismas autoridades asistentes al evento, el enfoque requerido para el evento logrará el objeto principal de conocer y compartir las experiencias de diferentes puntos del mundo en materia de Metrología Legal.

About the congress

The Second International Congress on Legal Metrology´s main objectives are: to create a scenery in which the different global authorities of metrological control can share experiences regarding technical regulations, measurement instruments, conformity assessments and the related infrastructure in different types of economies and industries, and, of course, the practice of monitoring the market in metrological aspects.

The ideal situation for us is that the present Congress can bring together the majority of the authorities on the Latin American countries, and, in this way, allow an interaction with the different Member States of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML), who will be attending the International Committee on Legal Metrology - CIML several days before our event.

Taking into account that the speakers are conformed by the representatives of the same authorities attending the event, this will be the perfect opportunity to know and share our different experiences regarding Legal Metrology.

Practical Information (in alphabetical order)


Special rates have been negotiated in the Las Américas Hotel in Cartagena de Indias - please therefore ensure you book your accommodation via the official accommodation page.

Accompanying persons' program - tourist information

As in previous years, tourist information on tours, visits, excursions and activities will be available during the whole week. Accompanying persons are therefore encouraged to make use of this information, and to plan their own schedule. A tourist office is available opposite the reception desk near the entrance to the Casa de Playa part of the hotel. A hostess will be happy to organize special tours for you.

Accompanying persons are welcome to attend the receptions on the Tuesday and Thursday evenings. We kindly ask you to let us know (on your registration form) whether your accompanying person will attend the reception.

Arrival in Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias Rafael Nunez International Airport is located 5 minutes by taxi from the Las Américas International Convention and Exhibition Center. Taxi rates are more favorable when the faire is paid in COP. Visit the taxi kiosk located within the baggage claim area and give them the hotel name and address. The taxi service from the airport is regular, reliable, and affordable (in the region of about 5 USD). Please note that in view of the proximity of the airport no shuttle service will be provided between the airport and the hotel.


Colombia has a tropical climate along the coast and eastern plains. However it can be a bit cooler in the highlands. For weather information visit:

Currency, Banking, Credit cards

The official currency in Colombia is the Colombian Peso. The currency code for the Peso is COP, and the currency symbol is $ (not to be confused with the US Dollar). For a currency conversion guideline, click here. The US Dollar is widely accepted in Colombia, but the Peso is the preferred currency.

All major credit cards are accepted and Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are readily available throughout Colombia. There is an ATM in the Las Américas Hotel (near the entrance to the Casa de Playa).


The standard supply voltage in Colombia is 110 V AC, 60 Hz. Colombia uses the type of socket shown in the photo below.


It is strongly recommended that you purchase comprehensive travel insurance to cover the duration of your visit to Colombia and to protect you against cancellation charges, loss or damage to your luggage and personal effects, loss of cash and medical expenses.

Internet access and computers

There will be free wifi internet access in the hotel rooms and in the Las Américas International Convention and Exhibition Center Seminar/CIML meeting room.


Spanish is the common language throughout Colombia. The Seminar and CIML meeting will be conducted in English and simultaneous interpretation into and from French will be provided during the CIML meeting (only).

Lunch and refreshment breaks

Lunch and refreshments will be served on the days indicated on the Schedule page.

Meeting documents

Delegates should please note that (as usual) no paper documents will be available for the CIML meeting; all the meeting documents will be made available for download via the CIML page.

Mobile phones

The three major providers in Colombia are Claro, Movistar and Tigo. Claro has the best nationwide coverage, and is the most useful to the traveler. Cell phones are cheap, and many travelers end up purchasing one - a basic, no-frills handset will cost about COP$60,000 to COP$70,000, or travellers could bring their own cell phone from home and purchase a Colombian SIM card. A Claro SIM card, for example, costs COP$5000, which includes COP$1000 worth of prepaid calling minutes, though SIM costs vary by provider. Click here for detailed information.


There will be a an OIML Reception on the Tuesday evening and a Host Country Reception on the Thursday evening; dress code is business casual and more information will be given during the week of the meetings.

Special requirements

Every effort will be made to ensure that any special needs delegates have are taken into account.


Most goods and services sold in Colombia are subject to 19 % VAT (called "IVA"). The IVA tax is generally already included in the prices displayed.

Time zone

The standard time zone in Colombia is GMT/UTC -5 hours. Local time, and various other information concerning Colombia (and indeed all major cities in the world) can be found at the World Time and Date web site.


There are no firm rules about tipping in Colombia, but common practice (notably in restaurants) is for the waiting staff to ask the customer if he/she agrees to the addition of a 10 % service charge. If the customer refuses to pay this charge, this implies he/she was not satisfied with the meal or service. The term "propina incluida" means that the tip is included. If not included, in general 10 % to 15 % is the accepted tipping amount.


The venue for the 52nd CIML Meeting is given on this page.